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Custom Meat Processing: Experience the One Sixty Difference

Why Choose Custom Meat Processing at One Sixty?

Custom meat processing is not merely a service. It is a culinary experience that offers a blend of choice, quality, and tradition. It gives consumers unparalleled control over every slice, every ounce, and every aspect of the meat they consume. At One Sixty Processing, we turn this intricate process into a personal and unforgettable journey for each cherished customer. You choose; we meticulously deliver. Every cut, size, and flavor is crafted to meet your exacting specifications. In a world filled with generic options, why would you settle for anything less than customized perfection?

Meet One Sixty Processing

Shawnee, a place where time-honored tradition meets cutting-edge innovation, is the proud home of One Sixty Processing. We’re not just a business; we’re a beacon for custom meat processing. Seamlessly blending the revered art of butchery with contemporary tastes and technologies, we’re pioneering new standards in the meat industry.

Economic Impacts

The global meat market is dynamic, constantly evolving, and shaped by a plethora of external factors. Nevertheless, the realm of custom meat processing offers an unwavering value proposition. At One Sixty, our commitment goes beyond just providing meat. Our transparent pricing, where every dollar promises unparalleled quality, is a reflection of our unyielding commitment to trust, excellence, and customer satisfaction.

Custom Meat Processing: A Reflection of Societal Preferences

Custom meat processing serves as more than a service; it’s a celebration of culinary diversity. Our vast offerings range from the tantalizing spicy seasoned patties, infused with jalapeño and onion, to the timeless classic of pork chops. We cater to an extensive array of palates and preferences. Whether you have a penchant for ethically-raised, crave the purity of organic, or lean towards grass-fed choices, One Sixty’s dedicated custom approach is synonymous with unparalleled quality and taste.

A picture of our custom meat processing team at 160 processing hard at work.

Employment Opportunities in Custom Meat Processing

The revered art of butchering is intricate and demands a unique, specialized skill set. At One Sixty, our ethos revolves around training and nurturing the brightest talents. We’re not just offering job opportunities in Shawnee; we’re cultivating a legacy. When you join us, it’s more than employment; it’s an induction into a passionate family dedicated to the craft and the community.

Environmental Stewardship

Awareness of the environmental implications of meat processing drives our actions. That’s why every custom meat processing initiative at One Sixty emphasizes sustainability. With a vision set firmly on the future, we’re perpetually enhancing our processes, ensuring they’re green and sustainable, affirming our commitment to a healthier, thriving planet for generations to come.

Technology in Custom Meat Processing: The One Sixty Edge

In today’s rapidly advancing digital era, One Sixty ensures we remain ahead of the curve. Processing at our facility marries age-old techniques with state-of-the-art technology. It promises precision, consistency, and superior quality. Complemented by our information-driven content, customers are consistently informed, enriched, and engaged, amplifying their custom meat journey with us.

Key Attributes of One Sixty Processing

  • Personalized Choices: Each cut is meticulously tailored to individual preference.
  • Transparency: Our pricing is forthright, ensuring customers always know what they’re getting.
  • Diverse Offerings: A plethora of choices, from exotic spicy patties to timeless classics.
  • Environmentally Responsible: We champion sustainable processes for a greener future.
  • State-of-the-art Technology: A harmonious blend of modernity and tradition.
  • Community-Centric: At our core, we believe in nurturing and uplifting our local community.
80/20 ground beef as requested from our custom meat processing customers.

Experience the unmatched difference. Choose custom; choose One Sixty.

One Sixty Processing is not just a custom meat processing facility. It’s an institution, a testament to Shawnee’s rich legacy. Here, we honor tradition, embrace innovation, and prioritize our customers at every turn.