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160 Processing is Open for Business!

Now Serving Oklahoma and Beyond!

Welcome to 160 Processing, where we’re not just elevating the standards of meat processing in Oklahoma – we’re transforming them! Dive into a world where unmatched quality, commitment to local sourcing, and a dedicated team blend seamlessly to provide you with a culinary experience like no other.

An Evolution in Meat Processing: Introducing 160 Processing!

Nestled in the vibrant heartland of Oklahoma, a place where traditions are revered, and unparalleled quality is a non-negotiable, 160 Processing stands as a beacon of modernity, infused with time-honored values.

More Than Just Processing – It's Our Passion

To us, meat isn’t just a product. It’s a symbol of our dedication, an embodiment of our passion. Serving homes and businesses, both local and far, we carry forward Oklahoma’s culinary legacy with pride and precision. Backed by extensive experience and leveraging state-of-the-art techniques, we’re here to redefine your meat processing expectations.

A butcher at 160 Processing is carefully placing a cut of meat on a butchers table.
Two men standing in the walking cooler at 160 Processing looking at another man working on some of the meat that is hanging.

Exquisite Quality – Every Single Time

Our promise? Excellence, and nothing less. Every cut, every slice, every product that has the 160 Processing seal is a masterpiece, thanks to our team of accomplished butchers and processors. Every piece is a testament to their craft and commitment.

Our allegiance to quality doesn’t end at our doors. We are fiercely proud to partner with the finest local farms and ranches in and around our beautiful state. The result? Fresh, vibrant products that are a true ode to Oklahoma’s agricultural heritage.

Nick Simon
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I'm excited to have One Sixty Processing here in Oklahoma. Their top-tier beef cuts are a game-changer for my competitive BBQ team. Their commitment to quality truly shines through. Highly recommended!
Ashley Payne
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HIGHLY recommend! The customer service alone is enough to have me back, I really appreciate that. Locally sourced beef and pork at a very reasonable price. As far as having your meat processed here, it would be a smart idea for you. So much care is given and they appreciate our business. Very clean, professional and helpful to our family. Leslie and Jeremy, y'all are good people and it seems like a real family run business, love that! So thankful.
Jeff L
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I've always purchased from a butcher/ processing plant whenever I can for years and years. I was super excited to see this new place, AND the price of ground chuck. This is NOT like the other, in town, butcher shop. Your orders are cut/ground after you order. I suggest you call ahead and I will next time but I wanted to see the operation first hand. Google Maps took us right to the door for this newly opened business. We walked in and were greeted by the owners father. He took our order, suited up, and headed to the back. You can see the whole butcher shop from a large window pane. It's nice and clean, and the staff was busy cutting orders. This is hoof to table. We caught a glimpse of the cooler where we saw hanging beef ready for processing. Our order was brought out in a paper sack with vacuum sealed and dated packages inside. The ground chuck looked amazing. Our chuck roast looked just as amazing. The ground chuck was flattened, which makes storing much easier. It was such a great experience seeing this first hand. Ally (sp?) rang up our order and a pleasant as the man who took our order. We really look forward to purchasing more from One Sixty Processing.
Ford Forever
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Great place , great cuts,and above all great customer service !!!! Will definitely be back and will highly recommended to all my friends!! Cleanliness was top notch as well!!
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Great place to buy fresh meat. Excellent facility and staff!

A Glimpse Behind Our Doors

Imagine a world where precision meets passion. Where every detail, from safety to sanitation, is given its due importance. That’s 160 Processing for you. Our facility gleams not just because of adherence to state guidelines and industry standards, but because of our unwavering commitment to excellence. Say goodbye to the age-old image of mere functional butcher spaces. At 160 Processing, we offer an experience, one that speaks of sophistication and excellence.

Discover 160 Processing Today!

If quality, authenticity, and passion resonate with you, then 160 Processing is your ultimate destination. More than just a processing facility, we are a proud chapter in Oklahoma’s rich culinary story. Step into a universe of unrivaled flavors, unmatched quality, and impeccable service. We’re open and eagerly awaiting the chance to serve you. Schedule your appointment today, and let’s embark on a culinary journey together!