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Oklahoma Pork Processing

A worker in an Oklahoma Pork Processing room working on pork steaks.

Oklahoma Pork Processing Facebook Map-marker-alt Sitemap Oklahoma Pork Processing stands at the crossroads of time-honored tradition and technological advancement, a testament to the state’s deep agricultural roots and forward-thinking approach. In Shawnee, the heart of Oklahoma, facilities like One Sixty Processing exemplify this blend of old and new, championing techniques that enhance both quality and […]

Oklahoma Beef Processing

Oklahoma Beef Processing

Oklahoma Beef Processing Understanding Beef Processing in Oklahoma The Oklahoma Beef Processing industry is a vital component of both the state’s economy and the national agricultural landscape. Known for its vast plains and conducive farming conditions, Oklahoma is home to numerous ranches and feedlots dedicated to producing high-quality beef. For consumers, the quality of  Oklahoma […]

Deer Processing in Oklahoma | Central Oklahoma Deer Processors

Welcome to the heart of Oklahoma deer processing at One Sixty Processing. We are more than just a meat processing plant; we are a cornerstone of local culture and sustainability. Welcome Deer Hunters! We do custom deer processing! Preserving Tradition and Expertise in Deer Meat Processing in Oklahoma In the rolling hills and forests of […]

160 Processing is Open for Business!

Now Serving Oklahoma and Beyond! Welcome to 160 Processing, where we’re not just elevating the standards of meat processing in Oklahoma – we’re transforming them! Dive into a world where unmatched quality, commitment to local sourcing, and a dedicated team blend seamlessly to provide you with a culinary experience like no other. Schedule Your Date […]

Where to get your cows processed in Oklahoma

Where to get your cows processed in Oklahoma. As a livestock owner, you are responsible for ensuring that your cows are healthy, well-fed, and properly cared for. However, when it comes time to process your cows, it is essential to choose a meat processing company that can handle your livestock with care and expertise. Selecting […]

How to get your cows butchered in Oklahoma

Picture of a butcher engaged in custom meat processing, viewed from the far side of a meat rack that is packed with beef steaks.

How to get your cows butchered in Oklahoma For cattle owners, ensuring that your animals are professionally butchered and processed is essential. Whether you’re a farmer, rancher, or simply an individual looking to have your own cow butchered, understanding the process and finding a reliable butcher is crucial. At One Sixty Processing, we will provide […]

Butchering a pig versus a cow in Oklahoma

Butchering a pig versus a cow in Oklahoma When it comes to butchering a pig versus a cow in Oklahoma, there are several notable differences in the process due to the distinct characteristics and size of the animals. Here are some key differences: What makes pork butchering different? Size and Handling: Pigs are significantly smaller than […]